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You can, use the same to access information that I, can not use to access information. – You can- Access Information Anytime, Anywhere, Anytime, Anywhere, Anytime, Anywhere, Anywhere, Anyplace, Anywhere, Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime, Anytime, Anytime, Anytime, Anywhere. Dennis Rodman is not just a friend or an ally of President Donald Trump. He is also an accomplished musician, a basketball player once best known for his Seven Seconds or Less style of play, and most importantly, he is a person who knows something about North Korea. Rodmans relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un goes way back, but it was during a February 2016 trip to Pyongyang, with whom Rodman also has a friendship, that the two men developed a strong bond. The best thing that happened to our country is Kim Jong Un came along and did a good job for us, Rodman told the press in North Korea back in 2016. We won, thats the greatest thing thats happened to our country, our dear leader. Last week, Rodmans relationship with Trump took yet another turn when, according to the Associated Press, Rodman visited Trump in the Oval Office to talk basketball. Rodman told the AP that Trump has taken the torch from Michael Jordan and has a message for him, too: I told him, Were going to do the same thing, except better. Kim Jong Un, meanwhile, has just watched Celebrity Apprentice. He told me, You know, the best thing thats happened to me is that after you showed us the way, I became more popular, Rodman said. And I said, I know and you know thats why youre still here. Rodman isnt the first person to make allegations about Trump allegedly doing more for his country than North Korea. John McCain, a known Trump critic, similarly said that Trump is a warrior for freedom and has reaffirmed Americas role in the world, while Kim Jong Un said in January that Trump has made an utterly mistaken choice in a leader. And Rodmans Trump buddy apparently doesnt believe that either. The thing is, you dont know the guy, Rodman said.

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