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That is all I have to guide you through this trading adventure. You can read the rest of the post on the forums here. Source: The NTR ForumVia: BGRVia: ZDnetWith the 2017 NFL Draft behind us, I wanted to take this as an opportunity to recap some of the biggest takeaways from around the league. The biggest positive for me has been the amount of draft analysts that have picked up the torch and helped put together these lists. Obviously, these rankings are based on team needs and my own evaluations, but the draft analysts have done a great job of making them accessible to a broader audience. One of my favorite things about this draft season has been watching all the teams take the next step forward. The Denver Broncos have proven time and time again that they can win with or without Manning, but now that hes no longer with them, theyve made two straight Super Bowls. And the Oakland Raiders, despite a losing record under Jack Del Rio, have been making the playoffs during his watch. This team has shown a new level of commitment to winning. Ive got a few teams that are still doing well, but a few that are starting to lose a little luster. The Los Angeles Chargers have the most turnover this year, with nine new head coaches, and only two new general managers. Im not sure how much better they can get with such turnover, and with a poor record in the 2017 season. The New York Giants dont have that many changes, but they do have one new head coach, the first one in franchise history. Theyve missed the playoffs the past three years. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had their share of changes this season too. Only one new head coach, and with a few veteran players leaving, this year looked to be a potential rebuild year. Not so much this year, but this team has had some of its struggles this season. Theyve missed the playoffs the past three years and have to figure out a way to keep that streak alive. Of course, thats going to be tougher to do than you might expect. The NFC South is the toughest division in the entire NFL this year. The Atlanta Falcons have looked every bit of their Super Bowl season every time theyve had a full compliment of talent on offense. The Carolina Panthers were one of the best teams in the league last year and have found a new spark in the form of rookie quarterback Cam Newton. The Arizona Cardinals havent been able to replicate last years success, but this year, the team has added some solid veterans with some key free agent signings.

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