‘Nothing worked for the condensation on my windows – now I have none’

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Lynsey Crombie shares how to stop condensation on your windows

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TikTok creator @ikkyhamza shared a video explaining to users of the social media app how she completely eradicated condensation on her windows after following the advice she received on the platform.

She told her followers: “In my last TikTok I asked for advice on condensation and a lot of people commented ‘dehumidifier’. So, I bought one. It was from Homebase for £150. I left it on overnight and I’ve got literally no condensation.

“I’m so happy it works, this was all the water collected overnight. I definitely recommend it.”

Other TikTok users raved about their dehumidifiers in the comments section. One wrote: “I have purchased an electric dehumidifier and it costs me roughly £1 for 8 hr usage.”

Another suggested: “They are fantastic. Also, get a hygrometer. Humidity needs to be between 45 and 55%. Air too dry will make you prone to get sick.”

Silvia Rolo said: “I’ve had mine for about five years and I love it. It’s a game changer.”

How do dehumidifiers work?

Simply put, dehumidifiers take moisture from the air. But how? The machines work in two ways. One, refrigeration, sees the machine pull in warm air through freezing pipes. As this causes condensation in the air, the water is collected and stored in the machine, rather than in the room.

It is also done by absorption, pulling water in, and then running it over a material that will absorb the moisture in the air. The material is then squeezed and the water is collected in the dehumidifier.

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What do dehumidifiers cost to run?

The cost of running a dehumidifier in your home depends on the dehumidifier and how much you pay for electricity in your home.

To get an approximate you should multiply the wattage by 34p, the national average cost of humidity in the UK currently. So, for a humidifier with a wattage of 400W the calculation would be: 0.4kWh x 34p = 13.2p an hour

Best-rated dehumidifiers by Amazon customers

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