‘Not all winners are the same’ Agent Million describes how Premium Bonds prizes are issued

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Martin Lewis details how Premium Bonds odds work for savers

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Premium Bonds are a popular method of saving, namely because they offer Britons the chance to clinch £1million each month. Two lucky millionaires are created in each prize draw, with a number of other winners able to secure prizes from NS&I. With each prize draw, Britons will hope their number is selected for the big, and potentially life-changing win.

But what happens when a person is actually fortunate enough to win the £1million prize?

Britons can expect to be visited by Agent Million, the anonymous NS&I worker who will let them know of their win. 

NS&I takes the utmost care in ensuring the security of its winners, and therefore cannot reveal too much about its processes. 

However, Agent Million did offer some insight when speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk. 

They said: “We can’t have anyone knowing who is walking up the driveway and what their reason for that is.

“But the role as Agent Million is to visit and deliver the news to the jackpot winners every month, and let them know about their £1million win.”

With the lucky winners decided at random by the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment (ERNIE), anyone could clinch the prize.

However, actually informing the individuals about their win is a whole different matter.

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This is a tailored process undertaken by NS&I to ensure the correct methods of tackling the win.

Agent Million continued: “We investigate every one of our prize winners prior to the delivery to determine the individual approach.

“Not all of our winners are the same, and so we have to consider different factors.

“We have to consider where the customer lives, and their age, for example.

“A winner who is of retirement age is more likely to be at home during the day, and that determines when Agent Million calls.

“However, customers who are of working age are not likely to be at home until the evening.

“So, in that case, we can leave it until then to decide when to actually visit.”

NS&I states the quickest way for individuals to find out if they have won a prize is to use its prize checker.

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The tool shows individuals this month’s prizes, anything they have won in the six draws prior, as well as older prizes which have not been claimed yet.

The prize checker is updated on the day after the first working day of each month, meaning the next results are just around the corner.

Individuals can choose to have prizes paid directly into their bank account, or reinvested into more Bonds.

NS&I reaches out to Britons via text or email to inform them of their prize win.

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