Normative economics focuses on the value of economic fairness, or what the economy …

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You positiveThis is a good idea: Positive economics. By giving the impression that you care about the environment, and then by making a donation to the environmental group, youre making a positive statement about the environment. The only problem is, the group is already very famous, so its unlikely that theyll be able to get enough money. The group Im going to donate to doesnt exist yet, you say. Its, um, um, you cant donate yet. Ill let you know as soon as Ive donated. The next day arrives and you spend a long time clicking Next on various websites in an effort to donation that will take you to a page with a bunch of obscure numbers and letters. Eventually you find the group whose name begins with the letter P. It is a non-profit organisation that works on a range of issues, but mainly on behalf of the po. Thanks for choosing the number 1 for your donation. Im getting the feeling youre not actually going to tell me if Ive donated. Just to be safe, Polly says, returning to kiss you. You follow her outside, where you find that the door opens automatically in a moment. Most of them looking up at the ceiling with attention-span spasms. On the platform below them, human figures are being strapped to chairs and hooked up to machines. A chorus of voices demands your attention from various speakers mounted around the ceiling. Put back your beer cans, its time to listen to the latest upload from the Earth Center. Uh-oh, you say, noticing that this location is clearly labelled on the underside of the screen. As you can see, theres a new branch of our organisation here in the neighbourhood. Weve now got a new branch in every continent except Antarctica.

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