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This definition was used by one person who stated that he had a non-verbal communication with her, you immediately knew it was the one that was being used, but that didnt stop you from immediately recognizing it as a lie. She then said that you could be like her in that you could communicate your feeling through non-verbal communication, but it was more difficult than a verbal communication, and even if you could do that, what would the point be. You were skeptical about all of it at first, but you got the feeling that she was telling the truth after seeing her hands when she held your hand in hers, and she was also telling the truth that you didnt have a choice in whatever it was going to be. After looking at each other, you shared another good evening kiss, you then parted ways and went back to your own home. The next day, you woke up and did what you came here to do, talk to someone. It turns out that she was actually a woman named Gloria. It turns out she was a vampire that lived in a cave for thousands of years, and she had lost her family and only one of them, her son, could communicate with her, the other four killed all of them. You went into the cave and there were a lot of books lining the walls, there was a table and chairs by the entrance of the cave, it smelled like a lot of alcohol was being consumed and there was even a brazier in the center of the table and candles hung on the walls. You sat down on a chair and looked around at the room, which only had a few chairs surrounding the room and only one staircase, which you had to descend the other side to get to her. She looked at you and gave a little smile, and then spoke. I have to admit, you seem like a nice guy, and youre not a werewolf, so that means youre not human. You ask trying your best not to freak out or laugh, but you couldnt help yourself. You refuse to believe she would lie to youOh no. You say while trying your best not to burst out laughing. Not only do I not believe you of all people would lie to me, you see Im not the first one to say Ive heard rumors of you killing humans and vampires, and Im not the first one to say that Ive heard about you having a close friend named Severa. Of course Ive known the truth for a long time, but since I didnt want to be a jerk and not hear it from you Ive tried.

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