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The only difference is, a not-for-profit organization can only be as many membersThe man says, as he is pointing at him, You do not have a permit to be in this park. The park management has a written permit that you have not. This park is not a non-profit for the public good, its only purpose is to serve the public. I am requesting that we permit you in this park to allow you to exercise your First Amendment rights and not to cause disruption to the park. If you have not, you will need to obtain one to stay in this park. Any longer than you need to will require you to leave. If you think you may need a permit to do any of the things you are doing in the park, please contact me at that number. We can discuss it further after you have been able to use park facilities for yourself. You waitYou take a deep breath and say Thank you for the offer, but I do not believe that I deserve the right to use this park, in fact I think your suggestion that my presence is in the publics good for nothing could be the opposite of the truth. I am a human being that has been brought up in this environment and this is just another example of a life spent in a world that is not as it should be. We should all want this world to be as good as it can be, but as a community we have to do better than it and I dont want to be a part of a system like this that isnt doing that. I am a man of science, not a man of religion, but as you say our actions do matter. We can affect the world around us, and as humans that is what we can do. I am asking you to provide me with a place to use while I decide whether or not I can make good on my invitation. You accept the Mans offerYou step up a few feet to the man and say Of course I would do that. He is a bit surprised by your response, but agrees to let you in. He is an older man, but very polite. He sees you entering and says to one of his assistants, Can you set up a space for this man. Then he goes back to look at his map. You dont say anything and just listen as he tells you about the parks rules. After having a look at the map he says, Well, I guess I could set up a tent here, but since I would be giving you access to my house, I would need to make sure.

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