‘No scrubbing needed!’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easiest’ way to ‘properly’ clean oven glass

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Mrs Hinch cleans her windows using a dishmatic

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Cleaning goddess Mrs Hinch became famous through Instagram after she posted ingenious cleaning tips and product recommendations. The cleaning guru now has over 4.4M followers and continues to share regular advice and organisational tips. Inspired by the guru, fans of hers have created their own Facebook pages dedicated to sharing cleaning advice, including how to clean stained oven glass.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one man asked for advice on how to clean the glass on his oven door.

Nigel Robinson wrote: “Does anyone know the easiest way to clean the inner glass on an oven door?”

Cleaning the inside of an oven door can be challenging. 

After all, the grease that needs to be tackled has literally been baking on the glass for weeks, months or maybe even years.

That’s why it is essential to regularly clean oven glass doors to help avoid a difficult task later down the line.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans were on hand to share their top oven door glass cleaning tips.

The majority of cleaning fans suggested using Pink Stuff paste to remove all signs of grime.

The paste is extremely versatile and can be used to remove grease, grime, stains and dirt from several surfaces and appliances.

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Vicky Stone said: “The easiest thing to do is apply Pink Stuff paste to the entire glass and leave overnight. It properly cleans the glass with no scrubbing needed.”

Linda Cohen commented: “Pink Stuff paste is the easiest way I’ve found to clean my oven door glass.”

Debbie Perry: “Pink Stuff paste, I used this for the first time the other day, was really quite impressed with the results!”

Louise Standard suggested: “Use Pink Stuff paste, apply it to the glass and leave it overnight. Then wipe the paste off the next day with a damp cloth and the stains will come off really easily.”

Pink Stuff paste can be purchased in Asda for £1 or Sainsbury’s for £1.65.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using either a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar or a dishwasher tablet.

Becky Langley said: “Make a paste using baking soda and white vinegar, rub generously on the glass and leave for 30 mins. 

“Use a scrub daddy to get it off, works every time.”

Beth Saunders commented: “Baking soda white vinegar and then use a Brillo pad. No heavy chemicals needed.”

Paula Collindridge advised: “A dishwasher tablet dampened in cold water is all you need. 

“Took me 10 minutes tops after spending money and hours of soaking on top oven products, took me longer to get off the floor than cleaning it.”

Joanne Smith added: “Dishwasher tablet, take off the plastic wrap, wear gloves and rub over the entire door surface.”

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