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THE Mario Kart Tour will no longer receive any further updates with new content, Nintendo has officially confirmed.

As of next month, whatever is in the game will simply be it.

That means no new courses, drivers, gliders or karts beyond October 4.

Instead, tours will be recycled from older content.

Fans are gutted, with the title having hit the shelves just four years ago.

Many say it's too soon to end the adding of new content, seeing as a Nintendo Switch 2 is still far away from fruition.


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While others have said Nintendo should have staggered the additional content it brought out to cover the time until a new Mario Kart is released.

"A little early imo [in my opinion] to end content for those since we still have to wait for Switch 2 then the next Mario Kart since it’s unlikely to be a launch game," one player wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

"Nintendo could've still made use of that time by selling all previous games courses and content instead of by waves."

Another wrote: "If Mario Kart 9 was close to release, why would Nintendo release 48 new courses and add new characters?

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"It’s probably still a few years off."

However, others disagree.

"Mark my words. Mario Kart 9 will be a Switch 2 launch title," another player tweeted.

A fourth gamer wrote: "Sounds about right. Launch the next console with the next Mario Kart, instant sales."

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