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Imgoing to take this opportunity to take a look around me and just take in whatsout there. And I know that somewhere out there is a little girl who is just like me. I grew up in a small village north of the GreatWall of China. The Great Wall of China is a great wall built by the Chinese government to keepout thieves and robbers. The southernmost section was called the Great Wall of China and was the largest and strongestsection. There were several guards stationed at the northern tip of the wall where theMongolian border was situated. My parents were both guard guards of one of the Mongolian guards, or mohels, atthe northern tip of the Great Wall of China. When the mohel had finishedkilling the baby babes in the temple of the Hindu god Ganesh so they could be eaten forthe purposes of giving the baby god his wisdom and immortality, they decided tothrow me out of the temple and out of the country into the wilderness to fend formyself. Ive managed to survive for about ten years by killing many a man, woman andchild. Ive learned just enough of the human language so that I can communicatewith you, the listener, and Ive made some friends who believe in UFOs and Bigfoot. However, I am terrified of the Great Wall of China which is a very large wall constructedby the Chinese government to keep out those who would steal and rob the people. They are building a wall around China with the Great Wall ofChina. Someone has to be brave enough to break the rules andgo out into the wilderness and do something. You try to break the wall by yourselfSo you really do want to save Maggie. You never were one to give up,but then, neither was Maggie. Shes only a baby, so she needs to be fed. If anything, shes going to need more milk. There are no other babes left in your village. You need to get back to someone to tell them what to do. Its the only person who can hear, Maggie or you.

This article about Golden globes politics