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Youve changed, youve got a different choice of values. The idea of living a little with someone and then having to leave them for a while was always something that appealed to you. It would be nice to actually be in the routine of making decisions and setting schedules instead of just reacting to whatever happened. If you had to live in a shack somewhere and eat ramen for a period of time, then it might be a better life. You could get to keep more of what you earned at least. And in a way, if you actually had to do all the boring work of running a place, it would be very interesting. You were never one to be a planner and the idea of doing that sort of thing without actually having to didnt seem very appealing to you. Or maybe it was the fact that you still believed in the idea of the perfect life that youd heard so many times, even though it really didnt seem to fit the reality of just what it was going to entail. The best you could do was to make a vague promise of wanting to do something that you would enjoy in your spare time. Maybe you could keep up on the news. You were too far down the road of looking for work to ever consider such things. And so you kept moving forward on that road. You go to university with your friendYoud spent so long avoiding the idea of going to university that now was a good time to actually take some steps in that direction, even if you were going to have to move out of your parents house soon. Even if you were going to be in a city where it was generally more convenient to go and all. A university degree would probably help a lot in getting better work. You would be more likely to land a place to live if you could demonstrate some knowledge of something, and since you knew very little right now, it was probably better if you started at the bottom. Moving into an apartment together, then putting all the furniture together and actually getting it turned into a house was the next step, and the next. You spent the next few weeks watching the news and doing your research on what kinds of things you could take on. You didnt know a ton about anything, but you did know that you could probably make enough money to get by. You went to the library, but you didnt actually.

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