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You get a Trump Hat and Trump T-Shirt. You pull out your shirt and put on the t-shirt, pulling it up and putting it around your neck. The shirt looks like Trumps favorite, with a red stripe, while you pull out your hat and put it around your head. You give the hat a nod and say: Thats a t-shirt too. The newsmen stop their live program to ask a few questions. You think up an answer quickly, Oh yeah, theyre both from the American political party. They dont seem to know what that means though, but you continue to explain: Theyre two shirts that I bought from a discount store on my way to work the day after the election. The one with a little red border says Make America Great Again and is the same size as my last t-shirt. The t-shirt with a large American flag has a large border with no slogan on it, so I believe theyre one and the same. The newsmen seem to know a bit more now, as you can tell the t-shirts are one after this brief exchange. I dont think I did anything except wear one shirt that said Make America Great Again. I like everyone, so Im going to vote for you, so do you think youll vote for me too. You look at the newsmen all of a sudden as they start to turn red themselves. It feels like you should be wearing a red shirt for such a momentous decision. You dont know what comes after all. They smile and nod back at you to say that they would and start their program back up. You get a red shirt, which is also a blue hat. You look at your new shirt and hat as well as say a thumbs up. You take a breakYoure tired and still feel a lot of tension in your neck. You get your head out and stretch your neck out. You do this a few times, all the while noticing how much your neck had been tense in the last few days. You feel like your muscles have been screaming out for a break for a few days, and if someone were to come to your aid, it would be you.

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