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Im, looking for, good, money, good, work, good, friends. Good,- 4K – 4K – 4K – 4K – 4K – – – 4K You dont do itYou need work and you need friends. You decide to take out all your remaining savings that you can lay your hands on and move to Inter Milan. You know enough about the city, the club, the stadium and the fans. You think you know enough about football. You have good references so its not like you have to go to the city centre for your job interview. You can choose your team carefully. After a few more days you decide to move to Inter Milan. You pack everything you own into a single ziploc bag, you take some basic essentials, but also some expensive things in a wallet and you head to the airport to catch your flight to Milan. After getting your luggage you stretch out in your seat and give the bag a few shakes. Re all told to go through security. Re handed a card for one of the first rooms you see. You look at the card for a moment and then head to your room. As you step in though, you hear the door open behind you. You turn to see the same man standing there from the hotel. I hear you had a bad experience with the next door hotel. Do you want me to ask them for a discount. Not really, the manager told me about it before I left. Hm, I can understand that, you got a lot to decide right now. Anyway, I gotta go, see you soon. You leave his office and head back to your room.

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