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This is all the resultof your loyal servants efforts. Now, I am going to lead you back to the frontlines. There has been a large battle raging all along the border of the New Netherlands. The Dutch have been very successful in their endeavor and have driven the French and the Indians from their lands. I hope you will continue to aid us in our efforts, for it is your country. There will be other battles to fight, and I hope your actions can inspire the whole country against the wicked French. Sincerely, General Jaqen Hsien-yaoAfter this message, you enter one of Hsien-yaos fort, which looks more like a castle in this age. Several soldiers and a few more of the same green men you met earlier gather around the entrance, all of them look excited and pleased upon seeing you. One of these men says, as they all sit down in a circle around the big stone door, with the general at the head of it. You feel a small amount of pride in that they remember your actions, but dont seem to particularly care about your purpose here in any way. You explain yourselfYes, I am, You say as calmly as you can. The man that addressed you in the small group smiles. His name is Roldan, he was one of the soldiers that you met earlier when Hsien-yaos party came to ask you to help them. You must be the man who defeated the legendary General Jaqen Hsien-yao, yes. You explain to them in the same way, which doesnt impress them, but you decide that the next important decision you have to make will be whether to go through with your mission or not. After you answer, you can feel that their interest in you is growing a little, but perhaps too much. I was young then, and I was eager for combat experience, but I can tell that you guys have something more valuable that you want. If youre looking to become part of the Dutch Empire, lets just say we can make that happen, but if you want to be part of the Alliance, for now I suppose we can help. You point to the gold and treasure on the table and say, All we require is gold and valuables of the highest.

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