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A NEW Ferrari-style hovercraft claims to be the quietest on the market. 

The £162k Arosa electric hovercraft, which is designed to carry three people on water or land, should be available from mid-2023.

Maryland-based company VonMercier debuted the Arosa at the 2023 DC Auto Show in January.

"The low profile body, aggressive front end and powerful side thrust intakes make the Arosa the first truly modern hovercraft design," the firm explains.

The Arosa's body and hull are moulded from carbon fibre and come in a range of colours, with customisable wooden decks.

Able to be plugged into any standard EV charger, the electric powertrain greatly reduces noise, pollution and maintenance compared to a combustion-engined hovercraft.


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"The sound profile has been described as 'quieter than a household vacuum'," describes the company.

There is a choice of battery options, which give drive times ranging from 90 to 180 minutes.

The Arosa can travel at up to 50mph, although cruising speed is listed at 20mph.

With the base model starting at £162,000, buyers can choose a range of extra options ranging from different seat configurations to which type of digital display you prefer.

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Hovercrafts are notorious for being uncontrollable, but Von Mercier's advanced directional control system promises improved manoeuvrability – allowing the driver to stop, turn, reverse and go forward more easily.

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