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Quote ContinueA new year and a new streaming service for you to subscribe to. Youre on the fence about Netflix, but after reading all the positive articles about it you believe the competition is still worth it. Of course, the next step is subscribing to a streaming service. Fortunately, you found this site in a google search. After deciding what to get, Google searches are going to be the deciding factor if you decide to start or stop subscribing to a streaming service. For instance, you searched how to subscribe to Netflix and ended up here. This means that the Google search you did to find out how to subscribe to Netflix was actually useful. Theres also many other ways to subscribe to streaming services you can find in this site. Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and this site is a good resource as far as deciding if a streaming service is worth your time. Youre just going to have to read all this information to really appreciate what you found. Well, if youre here, youre probably either subscribing to a streaming service, or just looking to check it out for the first time. Either way, you may not be reading this because youre a devoted Netflix user and cant wait for every episode to come out in its entirety once again. Either way, if you want to join Netflix, youre going to have to do so. If youre more of a Spotify person, you might as well skip ahead to the next section. Either way, it looks like the choice is up to you. If youre a regular Netflix user, youll be interested in getting on board as theres nothing really new here to entice you. If youre not a regular user, but maybe like the idea of being able to stream on the go like with a TV, this might be a useful resource. If youre not sure yet, then you can probably stop reading this and just go buy the service already. Youre not sure if it will help, but you just have to throw your hands up and try something. You click the Join Netflix links, but that doesnt bring you to any page with any Netflix content. Instead, you get what seems to be a completely blank screen. Youre not exactly familiar with the Netflix interface, so the fact that it looks like this is a little worrisome. Your first thought is that it isnt working since you still havent found a way to actually watch something on your Netflix account. You decide to try the My Video Library menu. The My Video Library menu, which is located in the left side of the Netflix interface. Now when you look at the interface, you notice something.

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