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Select Submit and you should see a web page You can Do Wait until 2502 Get a free month Or You Can Get a free month You Can Do Wait Get a free month You Can Do Wait You Can Do Wait You Can Do Wait YouYour Trial is over. You get a welcome email from Netflix, but it says Some things are better left unsaid, so you dont see it. You wait up to 3 days to see another email from Netflix, letting you know that the trial is over, and to cancel Netflix if you want to continue using the application. You delete Netflix and then delete it completely by clearing your cache, cookies, and history. Then you delete the app from your phone. You now have a working internet connection again. You delete Netflix and find a new wayYou do not really know anything about watching movies or TV shows online, so you are not sure of the best way of getting the movies to play online. You decide that you do not want any of the Netflix features. Maybe something else will be more convenient for you, you think. You wait one day and then an email comes to you in the afternoon. You click unsubscribe, and wait another day. Then the email comes to you a week later: Your unsubscribe email has been sent automatically. There will be another one that you can unsubscribe from in a few days. You have to wait another week before another email comes: Your subscription will end on November 20th, 2015. You are sure that means your account is being closed, but you decide to follow the rules so your account will continue to receive emails. You sign up for a subscription for less than one month, then you delete the application in the morning. The only thing you can think is that maybe it will be easier to watch Netflix with a VPN or proxy server. OpenVPN Cost: Free Best VPN Easy to Use Highly Recommended Useful if you are concerned about spam and other unsolicited messages It works. You sign up with an email address and password. Then you wait to see Netflixs terms.

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