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A Bison on the Bison GameYou dont need to worry about getting shot in the head at all. The only concern you have is how much you are going to have to drink to get through it. The game is a standard one, and you know the game because you have played it before. You play it safe and just stick to the game planYou are not going to put yourself at risk. The best you can think of is to at least stay within the state boundaries. This way you wont have to worry about your car. You dont really have anything else to worry about. The only thing that can go wrong is a Bison going for a touchdown, and the odds are in your favor. After a moment of contemplation, you decide to do just that. You are going to go about this like you have all others during these last few hours before the game. You will get the hell out of the house, as far away as you can get, and play the game like your life depends on it. You dont know if this is a real game, but what the hell. You cant just sit out on a Sunday and go about your life. If you are going to play this game, you have to put yourself out there. You are going to have to stay awake until the game is over. You take a breath and put the phone back in its cradle. Okay Bison, we gotta go, we gotta get in there now. You start to make your way to your car. You take a look at the time and see you only have 10 to go. The sun is coming up and even if you can catch a few hours of sleep, you still have to leave in a little over an hour if you are going to make enough time to have any chance. You cant be distracted again, you better not. You need to get in there before it gets too dark. You wait for the game to endYou make your way, slowly but sure. You see a few of the Bison in the parking lots of nearby stores. It would appear that the Bison were looking for a place to park and take a break from their game, or perhaps they were just trying to stay away from you.

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