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You need to buy 25 to earn a 25 gold pass. You buy a one-time buy now passYou spend hundreds of dollars this year and have no intention on spending it all. 1 you can get a pass of any color. You spend another hundred dollars for a gold pass. Your days of being able to spend thousands of dollars on cycling passes are now over. You continueYou ride in the rain for four days. You sit on your bike for the rest of the time and cry. The thought of the next four years have no meaning to you. You sit on your bike and weep over your death like any normal person who has just lost everything they cared about. Your days of using your money to do fun things have long passed. You think about the future and wonder if your life is ending already. 10000 for the most expensive pass of all, I know, not very original, And you now have a pass that gives you free entry to every Olympic venue in the world. You need an entry for one of the most famous races of all time. 7500 on a diamond passYour days of cycling are over.

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