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Mavs fans should be able to vote at their convenience, so you may need to start taking your ball out of the park. You get a team in the Western ConferenceIf you want to take a shot at a more competitive conference, you might have to get a team in the West. And even if youre not serious about that, you might at least be able to play in a more competitive conference. You look into trying to get a team in the WestYou decide to spend some time in this newly found knowledge base to see who the hell is playing in the Western Conference by using the search feature:West shows a page of results, but there are no results for Los Angeles. You have no idea what a Los Angeles Lakers team would be like, but you see that New York Knicks is listed as being in the conference. Hmm, at first you thought the New York Yankees probably played in the Western Conference, but thats almost certainly not the case. Maybe you should try to get a team in the Western Conference. It probably wont be easy, but the Knicks have been pretty good on their home court, right. You go to the New York KnicksOkay, since youre really interested in the New York Knicks, you find the following:New York Knicks is a basketball team in the National Basketball league, playing in the city of New York in New York State, United States. Then you go to the URL of the page, and you get a link:To log in you have to give some information for your new account, but you dont get an error message, so you proceed with it. It shows a page about how to log in, and then a screen displaying the current standings of the Knicks. You see your teams record of 30-50, and a little blurb saying the Knicks are currently one game out of a playoff spot, as they sit at a record of 42-41. That is certainly true, but given that your team is in its last third of the season, you wouldnt be surprised if the Knicks finish with a record somewhat above 40 wins, and as far as playoff position, then the Knicks are currently on par with the Grizzlies for the 8th, 9th and 10th seeds in the Western Conference. You go to the New York KnicksWell, thats your team. You might as well go to this New York Knicks, theres only two possible choices right. You play with a Knicks team in the West ConferenceThatll be okay, because you got a team in the West Conference. You select New York KnicksAlright, what do you want to.

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