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Youve been here for a while, so why not. The fact that so many people have been coming to your little village over the years is just making you feel more and more at home. S mostly thanks to your being the only adult around that people have a little more trust in you. The first few days of your new life in your little village are fairly mundane as everyone seems to be a lot more curious about you than they were when you were a child. While some of the people that have interacted with you have shown a little curiosity, others are just a little less friendly to you. T exactly want you to have all the advantages you are. T mind living the simple life, you were hoping to move a lot faster. Re going to go out and do the whole house cleaning thing. Ve been there and relieved of your duties. T really do much by yourself though. Your first job is to clean up the courtyard which consists of two areas, the inner and outer ones being more or less the same and the inner area being the one that most people come into first. T get distracted by it being in the middle of the day, because you need to go through the outer area as quickly as possible. You only have a couple of hours before the sun will be setting. You quickly run through the inner area of the house and start to head to the outer area. After getting a little out of the way of the door, you quickly look for the trash cans you used to dump out the garbage.

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