‘Natural repellents’ are ‘successful’ method to deter fruit flies, claims expert

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TikToker washing hack on how to remove fruit flies

Fruit fly season is approaching with this August set to be the worst to date, according to experts.

Alliance Online, which supplies insect control devices, has found that there is an average of 29,000 Britons searching for “how to get rid of fruit flies” every month.

According to Google Trends data, searches for “how to get rid of fruit flies” increase in May every year.

Searches peak every year in August with last August having the highest level of searches of all time – a whopping 113,000 searches in just one month.

Alliance Online has already seen that in 2023 Google searches for “how to get rid of fruit flies” are up by 19 percent.

This indicates that if trends continue, this year will be the worst to date.

For Britons looking to reduce the likelihood of having fruit flies at home, Rachael Kiss from Alliance Online has shared which traps and repellents to try to deter the pests.

Rachael said: “Summer is just around the corner which means longer, brighter days for Britons itching for some glorious sunshine.

“However, when warmer weather arrives, insects are more likely to appear in the house and cause a nuisance, and pesky fruit flies prove to be the biggest culprit.

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“Thankfully, there are a number of preventative measures you can take to reduce the chance of infestation.”

Traps and natural repellents

Rachael said traps and natural repellents are the “most used and arguably the most successful” way to deter fruit flies.

Traps and repellents are easy to use and often involve using household ingredients.

One trap involves filling a small bowl or jar with apple cider vinegar – or red wine – and a few drops of washing-up liquid.

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Cover the bowl or jar with apple cider vinegar and clingfilm then poke holes into the plastic wrap.

The expert added: “Natural repellents are strong deterrents for fruit flies.

“The strong scent of dried basil, mint and bay leaves can be simply left where you tend to find fruit flies which should repel them from the area.

“Alternatively, mix water with essential oils like lemongrass, lavender, or eucalyptus which can be sprayed as a natural repellent.”

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