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Paul, right, said that they are not going to release this virus to you until they have a better chance. Arent they just running it through computer, and it just comes out. You dont really think that they dont know or arent doing it, right. Because all the info I got off of the Internet, theyre NOT doing it. He is implying that they are lying to everyone because they know the virus is spreading faster than it can be cured, and that means the worst is yet to come. The Colonel was talking about this in his last words, he says he is going to be killed. Your eyes begin to water, you begin to cry and say,Im sorry. A few more minutes pass, your eyes begin to burn, you begin to feel sick and your body is starting to shut down. You finally feel as if your life is going to stop for good. Your last moments are of being told your name, by a woman with a sadistic smile. The Colonel has died as a result of your infection and you are left in the room with the remaining soldiers. You sit down with them and say something. You find a way to liveYou need to continue trying to find a cure for this virus. If only you could keep the Colonels words in mind, he said,Its all going to be fine. You continue with your missionIm sorry for your loss you say. A virus that is currently spreading and killing everyone on the island. You say you know nothingIt only turns people into animals. You say you are sure its more than thatYeah, but its spreading. You continue your storyIs there something you can do that wont affect me. You say that he can do somethingYou begin to think about what the Colonel told you. You say you think he knows and that he does not need your helpYes. You ask you about the virusYou continue your story.

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