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Walterpayton7, ApI have yet to see any social media site that recognizes Payton in any capacity other than Walter Payton. But if there is, its something not many people know about him yet: Payton was the only black player on a team that won the World League championship with the Boston Bruins in 1967. Payton also won a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 1969. Payton is the second player to be honored this week after Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, who was also named the 2015 Man of the Year. A complete list of the winners as well as the winners of the Man of the Year awards from previous years can be found on ESPN. The Man of the Year honors will be given at the annual ESPY awards show, which is being held this weekend. In the United States, people in many different walks of life have been concerned about the decline of traditional family values. This erosion of social standards has been referred to as the sexual revolution. One of the consequences of this sexual revolution has been a shift in attitudes towards sexual minorities. In the last few decades, as the term gay has become more popular, many Americans have come to view same-sex sexual relations as acceptable. The issue of same-sex sexual relations has even become a major issue in the presidential race which has pitted such controversial issues as abortion and illegal drugs, and national security, against each other. The general public has not been supportive of such behavior, and has been protesting in cities across the nation. One such protest in Chicago was so large several streets were closed off, leaving several injured. In a large scale, organized protest in the nations capital, the President has had to issue pardons to a number of people involved in illegal drug activity. Among those pardoned are people with close ties to the Beltway lobbying community, a community that is currently upset about the pardons. The President has also pardoned a convicted murderer convicted of the murder of a prison guard. One of the more controversial pardon issued has been one granted to convicted murderer Marc Fucarile. Lobbying firms, most notably the firm Focal Point. The president had previously issued a pardon for Daniels in 1993.

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