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NASA will publicize images of deep space captured by their new flagship observatory, the James Webb Telescope.

The James Webb Telescope can effectively look back in time while capturing imagery composed of infrared rays traveling from light-years away.

During a press conference, Nasa administrator Bill Nelson said the James Webb Telescope will produce the "deepest image of our Universe that has ever been take."

Thomas Zurbuchen, an engineer who has seen some of the work produced by the James Webb, was almost moved to tears.

"It's really hard to not look at the universe in a new light and not just have a moment that is deeply personal," Zurbuchen told ArsTechnica.

Nasa will publish images captured by the James Webb Telescope on July 12.

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The James Webb Telescope was shipped to space on Christmas Day in 2021.

In the months since, the observatory has been calibrating itself in the unforgiving environment of space while parked one million kilometers from Earth.

The advanced imaging technologies onboard the Webb enable it to take high-resolution photos of deep space by zeroing in on infrared light.

"This is farther than humanity has ever looked before," Nelson added.

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The James Webb Telescope is also working on the chemical analysis of the atmosphere of a distant exoplanet.

These detailed studies could provide telling information about life elsewhere in the universe.

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The expectations for the James Webb Telescope's 20-year mission are high.

Nasa administrator Nelson said "It may answer some questions that we have: Where do we come from? What more is out there? Who are we? And of course, it's going to answer some questions that we don't even know what the questions are."

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