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You hear a click as you look at the screen. You open the door and look out into the hall. You see a short, black-clad woman with short, black hair and a full face mask holding a rifle, pointing at you. M with the new International Space Station Expedition 61. Re the new crew coming to the station along with your Expedition 60. The Expedition 61 crew has been chosen at random from the over a hundred applicants. Ve thought someone who was selected would at least pronounce my name correctly. You should know better than to interrupt a mission like this, sir. M not one of those chosen ones. She begins to get impatient and begins to point her rifle at you again. Re just trying to get away, sir. You really think the people here are any better than the ones on the surface. M not getting shot for asking questions, dammit. You snap and point your pistol at her. T want to get shot, would you. The woman looks at your pistol and raises an eyebrow. M just a realist working in an environment where people tend to make their own assumptions. D think I treat you any differently.

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