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From: mailto:email protectedTo: email protectedDate: Novem04:14 AMSubject: Re: Welcome To NASA Kids ClubHello. I would like to join the NASA Kids Club so I can use their software. I can use their software on my laptop, my Windows tablet, and my Xbox so I was wondering if I could do that to join the NASA Kids Club. Here is their website- Do you have any questions. Thank you,-MarkIn a new report published on Monday, Human Rights Watch, HRW, accused the United States government of using the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, of 2012 to justify drone strikes on US residents without warrants. The government is trying to have it both ways, said Ben Wizner, a senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU The government is trying to limit our ability to have an informed debate on these issues, while it allows the CIA and the Pentagon to keep flying drones into American communities with no judicial oversight and virtually no accountability. The HRW report cites a December 2012 article published by the New York Times which revealed that the Obama administration was seeking to create the legal framework for the militarys use of armed drones domestically. A number of provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, could greatly expand the US governments authority to carry out targeted killings with few constraints, accountability measures, or judicial oversight, the report states. According to HRW, the law has already allowed for the assassination of US citizens without any judicial oversight and for the CIA to use secret intelligence databases to put people on a CIA kill list without judicial oversight. The human rights organization believes that the law must be changed to prohibit the CIA and other military agencies from relying on secret intelligence databases, and the law needs to be amended to ensure that US citizens are not deprived of their rights by the use of drones to kill with few legal protections or even due process. Any American killed by a US drone is entitled to an effective legal remedy, including the right to know why they were killed, and the right to have their cases tried in a civilian court, and the right to file a complaint with a US federal court and seek redress through the judicial system, said ACLU attorney Nathan Freed Wessler.

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