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In fact, the planets in our own solar system are probably similar to the other planets that TESS could observe. And the ones that were there before were probably like the others. More than TESS was capable of finding before, but thats the nature of the game. Except for a handful, which are worlds so small that theyll have no atmosphere to sustain life. Name Planet Symbol Symbol of Potential Life Form Type 1 Planet GJ 645c The first Earth-size planet found with liquid water TES Transiting Exoplanet Survey Telescope 1 Earth-size A Gas Giant Gas Giant 1 Earth-size G The first rocky planet found with a greenhouse effect TES Transiting Exoplanet Survey Telescope 1 Waterworld Fresh Waterworld 1 Venus-size Gas Giant Planet 1 Red Planet Gas Giant Star 1 Small Gas Giant Gas Giant 1 Small Planet Gas Giant Theoretical Possibility. 1 Two-Planet Binary Gas Giant 2 Large Gas Giant Gas Giant 3 Twin-Planet Gas Giant Theoretical Possibility. I have one good eye on the screen as some of the planets have rings around them. Theres two-planet binary systems, twin-planet systems, gas giants, etc. The list goes on and on, and each new find seems to get more exciting. You begin taking steps to learn enough about this world to try to live on it. You set up a computer, you start studying the data, and you decide that you want to make something out of it. In your free time, you make your computer do pretty much whatever you want it to do and put a couple of other people on to help you. As you put it together, youre learning enough to use it to do most of.

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