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This is all very interesting, but it seems like you are in a bit of a pickle. You have heard about how you should be going with the group to the beach, but you are not sure if you should keep with them and go, or if you should stay and watch the others go. You watch the others goThe thing is, you dont feel like you have anything to prove. You are a bit of an introvert, so going to the beach alone, is somewhat out of the ordinary for you. You think it would be a bit much to ask someone to hang around for you, especially since you know you dont have any sort of social skills. You are going on the bus anyway and you arent going to let your feelings about that keep you from going. Besides, you have been watching them all day while they have been in the water. So while you are watching the others go, you are more or less left to your own devices. You play with the kids who are playing and tell them when you are going to leave to bed. The bus is late, but you see no reason to be concerned about that. As the bus speeds up to get to the beach, you begin to relax and you even start to laugh a bit. You take some time to notice the people on the bus, and it seems like you have been here before. Everyone you have ever talked to on the bus is the same, not a single one even somewhat resembles the person they used to be on the bus. Everyone is so much like everyone else that you dont really recognize most of your old friends, and even some of the people you know. The bus stops next to a sign that says Beach and you walk over to the beach. The bus driver looks a little surprised, but doesnt say anything, he just goes around to the back and back to the front of the bus to get some things. The sun is now up and the surf is still breaking, you decide to come back to this beach. You do see your friends in the distance. You call out to them, but nobody answers. You get off the bus, walk along the shoreline, and look for them, but to no avail. You are too busy enjoying the view, that you dont pay too much attention to the ocean. The waves are pretty big there, so you arent worried about getting hurt, but if your friends are still out there, you need to find them. After a few minutes of staring at the sea, the waves break, you start to move closer to shore, still keeping an eye out for your friends. Suddenly, you hear a small voice say Hello. You stop walking and turn around to look, to see a small child with a curly blond hair.

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