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E is the part of the agreement that requires an equal-balance in the two countries financial transactions, including the amount of goods, services and investment. The two countries trading partners must agree to allow the United States to take on these obligations. The agreement is aimed at increasing trade between the three nations and giving U. Companies access to more goods and services from its two trading partners, Mexico and Canada. The current agreement also specifies a maximum allowable import tariff on each countrys goods traded with the United States. This means the United States can only impose a maximum tariff on Mexicos goods to the same degree Mexico can impose a maximum tariff on goods from Canada. Currently pays about 1 percent of its total GDP to Mexican and Canadian goods and services in tariffs. In order to help the United States secure more trade, the agreement allows for both countries to take the dispute over the tariff issue to the World Trade Organization. The World Trade Organization is the global trade tribunal that has the authority to hear and resolve disputes among nations. The United States has also been able to expand existing trade agreements in order to further establish free trade amongst the three countries and to allow for better protection of U. For example, the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, provides for a dispute settlement mechanism where third party nations can challenge the United States position in the World Trade Organization. NAFTA also allows for the United States to seek an exception from a WTO decision that would overturn a decision by a third party nation that is in direct opposition to U. NAFTA gives the United States more influence in the trade relationship between its two southern neighbor countries. It also allows for the United States to seek an exception from an adverse World Trade Organization decision when a national of Mexico has infringed upon a U. Patent or copyright, as well as a national of Canada has infringed upon the copyright of a U. In addition, the North American Free Trade Agreement allows for tariffs and duties to be reduced in certain circumstances, and allows for a dispute settlement mechanism between the United States and Mexico for such issues. In addition to NAFTA, the United States has also signed several other trade agreements with Mexico and Canada, including the Generalized System of Preferences and various other regional trade agreements. It is also considering a trade agreement with PeruOn January 7, an American Airlines flight bound for Boston was forced to turn back in Baltimore after some of the passengers on board refused to leave because one passenger was black. While the flight from Baltimore to New York was only delayed for about an hour and a half, several passengers were reportedly refused boarding because they were black.

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