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A HOMEOWNER who claims that his neighbour usually parks his BMW in the middle of the street, blocking access to nine driveways – has dished out the sweetest revenge.

The anonymous driver took to Reddit to vent his frustration – saying that his neighbour had been parking his car in the middle of the road for the past six years.

After complaining to the local authorities about his driveway being blocked by a selfish neighbour, police arrived at the scene with a tow truck.

Hours later, Reddit user @u/Hat_Guy77 took to social media to share the moment cops took away his neighbour's black BMW – and most commenters loved how he handled the situation.

The poster explained: "Oh, I was on my comfy chair listening to him whine about how they couldn't take it, and the police said they could. I love it here now."

The poster claims that most BMW owners think they own the roads and park wherever they want.


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He continued: "The issue is they have about five cars and only enough space for two. They ignore that we live near a car park because it’s too inconvenient for them."

The post has had more than 2,100 views on Reddit and hundreds of comments – and most people are on the poster's side.

One said: "We used to have someone park outside our integral garage at night when we lived in town.

"We'd call the council, and they'd send a traffic warden out right away. It was easy money for them. That guy got so many tickets, ahh good times."

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Another person commented: "Love a bit of karma on a Sunday morning.

"Keep us posted if they do it again. I’m guessing if they think it’s acceptable to park like that in the first place, they’ll be doing it again!"

A third person pointed out: "As someone with a shared driveway in which cars get dumped on my property and I have zero legal recourse for (not blocking anyone in), this makes me VERY happy."

This comes after a homeowner claimed that a neighbour parked in front of their garage – which meant they weren't able to use their car for an important medical appointment.

Plus,  a man claims that his neighbour is constantly blocking their double driveway, so they're going to fence it off.

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