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AN OPTICAL illusion that plays tricks on your mind has gone viral on social media.

Many optical illusions utilize color and movement to confuse the human brain – and one TikTok user with the handle @kingkhieu illustrated how.

In a 31-second-long reel, Michael shows his viewers a complex two-dimensional image with a circular center.

He then advises them to "not blink" and stare into the image's center for 15 seconds straight.

"The world around you will begin to remold itself," the TikTok content creator said. "Are you ready?"

Shortly after, the black-and-white visual begins to move and appears nearly three-dimensional as it swirls around in different directions.

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Once Michael ended the 15-second countdown, he asked his users to look around, particularly at their hands.

If the challenge was successfully completed, users should be able to see their hands 'remolding' – like a pixelation forming.

How does this work?

There are several types of optical illusions out there; this one is classified as 'physiological'.

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These types of illusions rely heavily on the overstimulation of the brain's senses.

They are considered more complex than other types because they incorporate light, movement, color, dimension, and size that trick the brain.

Michael's video has gathered a lot of attention since going live a few weeks ago.

Nearly 12,000 people have liked the content and dozens of others have left comments below the video.

"Bro, I was in Minecraft for six seconds," one user said, following their sentiment with several jaw-drop emojis.

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"Wow that's mad everything is moving," a second user remarked.

"I saw the comments moving," a third TikToker chimed in.

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