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A WOMAN claims that her Honda dealer tried to scam her for an extra £70 when she got her car serviced.

Kimmie Kurl said she replaced her car cabin air filter before visiting the dealership because they would recommend having the part replaced unnecessarily.

But she was left in shock after discovering that they charged her £70 for a new cabin air filter.

She explained in the video: "My cabin air filter needed to be changed a long time ago, so I bought this one on Amazon for £10, and it took me a minute to change it in my car.

"All I did was pop the glove box, push in on both sides, and it pops down; you then have to release these tabs on both sides and boom, there it is.

"When they quoted me £70 this morning to change this, I said, do you guys even look at those?"


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When the TikTok creator asked if her Honda dealer’s technicians had actually checked the filter, the technicians allegedly told her they filmed themselves examining the filter and showed her the video.

Kimmie responded: “No, you didn’t, because half of the video cut off, and number two, I just changed it [the cabin air filter] yesterday.”

The technicians then reportedly suggested the glove box was locked, which Kimmie said wasn’t true.

The service centre employees then tried to change the subject by asking Kimmie what her Fourth of July plans were, she said.

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The video uploaded to TikTok has had 98,400 views and 960 comments – and most users said they have been in the same situation.

One said: "This literally happened to me. They said I needed my engine filter and cabin filter changed for £120 for both. I changed them myself for £20 in two minutes!"

Another user commented: "All car dealerships do this in their service departments."

A third pointed out: "Had the same issue."

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