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A WOMAN is seeking revenge after her elderly parents’ driveway has been repeatedly blocked by selfish neighbours using it without permission.

Taking to social media to ask for advice on the issue, the woman is acting on behalf of her parents – who speak limited English – as they have no success in reasoning with the annoying neighbours.

The anonymous Reddit user, from Canada, has claimed that people living in the rented house next-door are blocking her parent's vehicles on their own drive – and they won’t stop doing it.

The woman wrote on the forum: "The house next door is a rental, it's a single-family dwelling, but they have three or four families living in it. As a result, they have six cars.

"They have four parking spaces, and that is not enough for them. Their one extra car is parked on their lawn, their other car is usually parked on the street right in front of my parent's house instead of their own. There is no authorised street parking.

"But my parents dealt with that for years, they didn't want to start any trouble.


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"Recently, these neighbours began parking on my parent's actual driveway. Multiple times they have blocked my parent's vehicles inside the garage from getting out.

"Last night, again, for the fifth time recently, they parked on their driveway. I am absolutely livid. They are only doing this to my parents on this whole street."

The woman wanted advice on ‘legal options’ for revenge, and gave options including having the car towed, clamping their vehicle, or deflating all the tyres.

She went on to say: "Anything else? I called the police non-emergency line, and it wasn't something within their jurisdiction. The city was closed for Easter Monday today.

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"I live 50 minutes away from my parents and it is very hard for me to help them instantly every time," she added.

Comments on the post are divided with people favouring different approaches to dealing with the problem:

Reddit user, Everything Tim said: “Find a sign stating ‘unauthorised vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense’, and put it up.

Candastani commented: “Leave a bill on the windshield charging them $550/week for parking. 

While jeff_in_cowtown came up with his own 7-point plan:

“Got a great idea!

  1. Open overhead door
  2. Jack all four wheels onto wheeled tyre dollys.
  3. Push/pull /roll car forward into parents garage.
  4. Close overhead door.
  5. Slowly dismantle car in the secrecy of parent’s garage.
  6. Haul parts to scrappers.
  7. Celebrate.

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