Information about Mxtoolbox

This test will list MX records for a domain in priority order. Test A: DNSYou do as you are directed, and as you type in the domain name a new window opens up with a list of records for MX and DNS. There is an entry for your domain at the very top of the list. Test B: MX RecordsYou do as well, and when you type in the MX record the list goes to the top of the list and shows some names, including your domain name. A small tick next to the name indicates that it is the most specific record listed for this name, but you cant tell precisely how precise, it just is. There is another entry at the very top for your domain name and that record is also the most specific. Test C: DNS RecordsYou type in the DNS record and there is a small window open up at the top of the list and your domain name is listed in red. Test D: MX RecordsYou type in both your MX and your DNS records and the window opens up with two more entries in the top row:domain name: yourdomainname. ComYou are wondering what is going on when you see the small tick next to your domain name. Test E: DNS RecordsThe DNS record is listed as the most specific, however the other two records have ticked under your domain name. Test F: DNS RecordsYou are about to call up the domain registrar to find out more, but this is a business and you should follow the instructions from the man. You would be the first to know if the domain was registered and used by someone else and you should get to choose which name goes first. Test G: DNS RecordsDNS records show that the other two records have ticked under your domain name. You double check that your own domain name is being used as your primary name for the domain, and you find you are being presented with a choice of two other names. You could have accidentally typed the wrong domain name. You could try entering the second name, the one you want to use to identify your domain, but it appears the domain registrar has chosen to name your domain in the most common type of record, what could it be.

This information about Mxtoolbox