Mum reveals how she completely transformed kitchen after spending just £57

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Julie Pentelow, 32, from Swindon, was inspired to revamp her kitchen after browsing the internet and falling in love with monochrome and minimalist designs. With a vision in mind, she set out to transform the room using budget items. Now, the mum-of-two has shared her top tips for decorating on the cheap.

Ms Pentelow began by giving her kitchen a good clean to make sure there was no residue before painting.

Then she headed to B&Q and picked up a two litre tub of Loft Grey Satin V33 Cupboard and Cabinet paint, costing £38.

She used a mini foam roller to apply the paint which gave it a smooth finish and says it covered all her kitchen cupboards and there was even enough left to paint her banister and kitchen table.

Speaking to, she continued: “I used Dulux Rock Salt on the walls. I also used a Dark Grey Grout Pen from Amazon which cost £3.99 to go around my old kitchen tiles that made them look new.

“I even picked up an artificial hanging plant from Ikea for £6 and a hanging plant in a glass jar for £4 from B&M.”

Ms Pentelow says it wasn’t all plain sailing getting the project done with two young children.

She said: “Sometimes I didn’t have time to work on it as they would either be near the wet paint or distract me.”

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Fortunately, her husband was able to occupy their kids so she could get to work without any interruptions.

She revealed: “I made the most of the fact I have a day off during the week to fit in some work.

“This meant I had some windows of time to get the job done while my youngest was napping.”

Ms Pentelow says she is delighted with the finished transformation and says her hard work has received praise from family and friends.

Co-founder of LatestDeals Tom Church said: “Julie should be proud of the professional job she has completed while juggling a busy life.

“The cupboards look very chic now in grey and the kitchen looks completely transformed.”

Ms Pentelow has revealed her top tips for painting kitchen cabinets to ensure they last:

1.      Clean the wood first

2.      Remove the doors and drawers

3.      Sand them down

4.      Elevate your cabinets

5.      Use a primer

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