MSNBC's Chuck Todd snaps at guest over criticism of Hunter Biden media coverage: 'That's the laziest attack'

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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd grows frustrated with GOP guest for calling out media on Hunter Biden

Chuck Todd became exasperated with guest Sen. Kevin Cramer for criticizin the media as Todd asked him about Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Vladimir Putin and Hunter Biden.

A conversation between MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., quickly became heated when Cramer claimed the media would have treated the Hunter Biden laptop story differently if he was one of former President Donald Trump’s children. 

Todd pressed Cramer Thursday over recent comments he made regarding Trump’s call for Russian President Vladimir Putin to release information pertaining to Hunter Biden.  

“Well I don’t know if he has dirt on Biden. If he does, he should reveal it, but he is a war criminal so I don’t expect that he’s right now sitting around thinking about ways he can [reveal information],” Cramer said earlier this week.

NBC’s Chuck Todd tries to get Sen. Pat Toomey to criticize his own party over voting rights during an appearance on "Meet the Press." (NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

Todd asked Cramer about his comments and why the U.S. should trust propaganda or anything Putin had to say about Biden’s son. 

Cramer responded that he was being “sarcastic” in his comments on the subject and said he found the question “interesting” considering the media’s obsession with “Russia collusion.”

“We were going to believe everything that was coming out of Russia a few years ago when it was about Donald Trump,” Cramer said. 

A few moments later, Todd pressed Cramer again, asking him if he stood by the former president’s statements about Hunter Biden and Putin, calling Trump’s comments “horrendous” and “a bit unpatriotic.” 

The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop on March 16, 2022. 
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“Here’s the reality,” Cramer began. “If Hunter Biden’s name was Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump you guys would be treating the war in Ukraine like—

“Don’t what-about … Enough of this,” Todd interjected, waving his hand. “”That is the laziest attack. It is not about the media. It doesn’t matter about the media.”

“It’s also honest,” Cramer said as the two continued to speak over each other. 

The conversation continued on, with Cramer later saying that what Trump said is “nothing compared” to how Biden is handling the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He added that it was perhaps not the “wisest thing” for Trump to say, considering that the source of the information, Putin, is not credible. 

“Once again Donald Trump baited you all and you all took the bait. Now we’re having a discussion about the Bidens,” Cramer said.

Todd retorted he wouldn’t debate whether Trump gets too much coverage but, like it or not, Trump was the leader of the Republican Party.

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