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Gaming NewsGet the latest in entertainment news,celebrity gossip, movies, TV, videos, and photos, off the web on MSN. You feel a lot like this: a human whos been trapped in a strange place. You check your surroundings and see yourself on a plain green plain. A road runs through the distance to the left, and a river, with a small fishing village on either side, runs through what looks like it would be your immediate surroundings, but isnt far away. The sun may be high in the sky, but theres not much of an angle to aim with your bow, and youre not sure how much light there is in the small cave youre currently in. Most days, youd need to make camp to recharge. In any case, as long as you have food, you can survive indefinitely here. Eventually, though, the sun will go down and the night will come. You go to sleepYou grab your bow and wait for the darkness to fall. You sit on your caves floor, resting your arms as your eyes try to adjust. Your ears are still ringing, so you turn your ears toward the east and listen.

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