Mrs Hinch’s 16p air fryer cleaning hack to keep it clean inside

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Air Fryer cleaning hack using a dishwasher tablet

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It seems everyone is investing in an air fryer, including the original cleanfluencer herself, Mrs. Hinch. Sophie Hinchliffe has amassed millions of fans for her clever cleaning hacks.

This latest hack shows air fryer users how to use their machines without needing to wash them every single time.

The mum and housekeeper has a Ninja Air Fryer and uses a 16p hack to keep it clean. The hack is super easy, and takes just seconds to do, saving Britons precious time.

Sophie told her followers: “My air fryer, I don’t know what I did before I had this air fryer guys it’s so good.

“I bought it because my cousin’s got one and she said it was amazing so I got the same one as her.”

So how exactly does she keep it clean? Sophie uses baking liners to protect her air fryer.

She said: “And these are from Amazon they’re baking liners and I use them to keep it quite clean inside.”

In fact, a number of “air fryer liners” are now available on Amazon for various sizes and variety of machines.

They sell for around £9.99 for 100, but homeowners could also use baking paper, which sells in rolls for around £2.

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But, what if your air fryer already needs a deep clean? One cleaning influencer detailed the steps she takes to have her model sparkling.

Carolina McCauley explained how to clean your air fryer using dish soap and baking powder. 

She sprinkles baking soda in the basket of the machine and adds dish soap, before pouring in boiling water and allowing it to sit.

She then wipes around the outside of the machine with a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water, before pouring out and cleaning the basket and putting the machine back together.

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