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You can see Fuji Subaru Stations door showing you were once there. Fuji, Giant Ice-Cream Man The Ruins Of Sky Station The Ruins Of Sky Station2 The Ruins Of Sky Station3 The Ruins Of Sky Station4 The Ruins Of Sky Station2.

As you head to your hotel room, you take one last look at the mountains in the distance before closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep. Ve fallen asleep a few hours before your flight from Tokyo had been scheduled to land. Well you could always sneak out of the hotel and go find a taxi. Re tired, and if Diana is still in Tokyo, you want to see her before you miss your flight. Eventually you get yourself together and head down to the hotel lobby. You give the attendant all the information about the hotel you remember from your hotel book. The attendant takes your order and then gives a very short response when he asks for you. Damn you must think about that guy a lot. You walk down a dark hallway and see a small flight of stairs leading down to a small basement. Ve got about an hour before your flight. Re going to have to take a chance just to sneak out of the hotel. You carefully walk down the basement stairs and find yourself in a dimly lit basement. S almost completely pitch black in this part of the basement. Finally, you see a staircase down in the other direction. S see how dark it is when I get down there.

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