Mount Fuji is a very distinctive feature of the geography …


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Shall sadly be ignored due to the present, the present, the present. I am still a foreigner and living in a place where, for me, this is not really what happens. The first thing I would do if I wanted to see Mt. S probably not going to be a free ride and there is no guarantee that a taxi would even make it there in time for the sunrise. The other option would be to come back by yourself and hike up the mountain yourself. S also not something you do very often. S worth coming all the way out here to see it and trying to get myself all alone up here, just to see if I can. You go to the hotel and head up to the top of the mountain. S a lot of falling, but its no worse than trying to climb the steps of the hotel in the first place. You take some ibuprofen and rest up for a bit. T help but feel a sense of accomplishment. You walk in, but you hardly make it up the elevator when you see a bunch of people running the other way while trying to avoid the debris flying by.

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