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MOTORISTS are just realising that they can stop condensation on their windscreens using a 60p kitchen item.

Experts from Leasing Options shared the handy hack making use of a household essential.

They suggested that drivers could use washing-up liquid to prevent annoying fog forming on their windows.

All you have to do is squirt a small amount of dish soap onto the glass and rub it all over.

Make sure to use a dry cloth and buff until the windscreen is dry too.

The experts explained: "A hack often used to prevent bathroom mirrors from steaming also works in the car, too.



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"The classic tip involves rubbing washing-up liquid with a dry cloth onto windows and buffing them until dry.

"This stops condensation from forming when warm air settles on the cool surface of the window.

"You can buy some cheap washing-up liquid for 60p from the supermarkets, but chances are you'll have some in the house already to give this a try."

Indeed you can get it even cheaper, with Morrisons now offering washing up liquid from their Savers range for just 55p for a 500ml bottle.

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You can also pick up a 450ml bottle from Sainsbury's for 60p and 500ml from Tesco at 70p.

Just be aware that you need to use the handy tip before your windscreen starts fogging up as it is preventative only.

It will not be particularly more effective in de-fogging the glass once it has already happened.

If you're too late, simply get in your car and turn the heater on, using the windscreen heating function and directing the cabin air vents towards the windows to banish the mist as fast as possible.

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