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THE SHOCKING moment a man tries to ride his motorbike through a deep ford has been caught on camera.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has attracted more than 67,000 views in a week.

Witnesses were shocked after they saw the man flying in the air, smashing his body on the floor. 

The incident took place in Rufford Mill Ford in Nottinghamshire, which is becoming quite well-known as a spot where drivers wreck their engines trying to cross.

The ford is becoming very popular on the internet with hundreds of cars crossing it every day in front of the cameras.

After hitting the water at high speed and flipping off the front of their bike, the rider sits on the ground visibly shaken.

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Local authorities have reminded drivers that this practice is very dangerous and can result in injury.

Neighbours have reported that some individuals are removing cones and signage to increase the number of drivers that cross the stretch of the road.

The area usually gets flooded when it rains heavily and it has become a tourist attraction thanks to the popularity of the videos on YouTube.


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Driving instructors usually recommend students not accelerate when there is a body of water ahead.

However, it seems that many of the drivers who cross the ford in the social media videos are doing it for fun.

A local from Rufford called Ben Gregory, 18, has been filming cars getting stuck in the ford for his Youtube channel since he was 11 years old.

His Youtube channel has become so famous that some of his videos have more than 2 million views.

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