Motion sickness occurs due to a difference between actual and expected motion…

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You may notice that yourself is moving in the same position overand over in between the twists. You can explain this effect to yourIf you do this action, You may ease yourself and be alive again. You continue to press the button and watch with wonderous amazement as your room is slowly restored, seemingly at random, to its former state. It appears there is no ordering to it, and it is completely random. You can only guess that it seems to know what it is doing, for there are few things more unnerving than order. You also have the distinct impression that when things begin to return to their former state, it is always the condition that is restored first that you are most interested in. After a time, your room reverts to the condition it had when you first entered it. After an additional time period of time, your room was restored to its condition when you first entered it and you were still lying in a bed of hay. Each time you press the button, the door swings shut and the clock hands strike zero. You go homeYou turn the knob and open the door to your home, and find it restored to its previous condition. No furniture is moved, nor a window is opened. The table there is still neatly arranged, and the window is shut. The door is still closed, although its hinges are wobbly as if it were open to let in some inclement weather. Finally, the clock is still showing five minutes to midnight. You have lost track of how long you have been in this room. You can only guess that its no longer five minutes to midnight, but rather that it is already past midnight. You press the door to your rooms door and hear no answer. With a deep breath, you slowly push the door open and then close it. You walk through the room and walk towards the door, stopping halfway to turn to face your rooms exit again. In front of your room, the door is ajar and its latch is ajar. In the center of the floor of your room lies a heap of straw and dirt. You turn around to look at the door to your room, and you see no one in sight. You have the sense that this must be your house, and that no one is coming here. You step back out the door and sit down on the edge of the bed. Your room is once more restored to its original condition. You try the handle of the door to your front room, but it is locked. In front of your front room is a heap of dust and straw, and behind it is a heap of dust and straw, and so.

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