Most profitable side hustles on Etsy for 2023 – earn up to £2,700

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Side Hustles: Woman sells beauty products to make extra cash

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Almost half of Britons are looking to start a side hustle during the cost of living crisis, latest research shows. As soaring prices continue to impact the finances of many people across the country, online marketplace Etsy has shared the top 10 sectors where people are earning the most.

The sector with sellers earning the highest amount of revenue on Etsy in 2022 was custom jewellery, according to latest research.

Stores selling custom jewellery turned over revenue of around £1,856,118.30 during the last year.

Other top performing sectors were Home and Living, Handmade Wedding and Party and Art and Collectibles – Etsy’s data shows those sellers using recyclable and handmade materials were the most successful.

Holly Emberson, owner of Etsy store hollyjendesigns said she has customers all over the world now, stretching from Scotland to Sydney.

Holly said: “It’s such a seller-friendly platform. The layout is easy to use across devices and makes it easy to respond to customers and enquiries without needing to be at home.”

“I have found, in my personal experience, that it attracts a lovely customer base of people who are kind and patient and understanding that you’re just a one-man band.

“I think it’s great for helping people find their feet as it introduces you to custom you otherwise would not have.

“I’ve had orders everywhere from down the road from my parents’ house to Scotland, all the way to Australia! I can’t imagine that would have been possible without Etsy over the last few years.”

One mum recently told how her Etsy side hustle pays her £44,000 a year for two hours of work a week, which works out at around £2,700 a month.

Grete Somermaa started set up an online business selling digital downloads on Etsy, which has allowed her to stay at home in Estonia while earning an income.

She told said: “Everything is already done for you. Just put your listings up! Selling digital products on Etsy really changed my life and thoughts about making money.

“Nowadays there are so many opportunities to make money online – you just have to look around and get started!”

Data Bionic has revealed freelancers on sites like Fiverr are earning more than £7,000 from the comfort of their living room.

Teaching people how to play chess online could add up to an extra £7,000 a year on top of someone’s usual salary which works out at £583 a month.

Creatives can earn up to £25,000 for creating breaking news-style birthday greetings videos – one UK freelancer managed to make £31,000 a year from creating animated GIFs.

Other sites like Airtasker and TaskRabbit habe recently become popular offering people the chance to bid on neighbour’s jobs with landscape gardeners and mobile hairdressers just some of the profession making the most from platforms like these.

Airtasker’s top 10 highest earning tasks:

1. Landscape Gardener – £336.60 

2. Fence Construction – £311.50 

3. Painting Services – £309 

4. Carpet and Tile Flooring Installation – £270 

5. Excavation – £266.20

6. Roof Tiling – £229

7. Pest Control – £225 

8. Mobile Hairdresser – £196 

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