Most popular household laundry powder 2021 – which brands do Brits love the most?

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Washing clothes, bedding and furnishings can be a chore, especially when your laundry detergent doesn’t perform. Battling a pandemic and unpredictable weather has seen an increase in the amount of household cleaning and clothes washing done by us Brits – but which detergents have come out on top when working our way through the laundry basket this year?

Top laundry detergent brands 2021

Data published by Statista earlier this year revealed a whopping 187.8 million units of household laundry detergent products were purchased by households across Great Britain in just one year.

The data, which shows sales figures for the year 2018, also unveiled more than 4,000 people chose Ariel over any other detergent brand for washing powder and products.

Fast forward three years to 2021 and Ariel has been knocked off the top spot for the most effective washing powder, with Fairy taking the top spot based on the best reviews.

With everything from fragranced to gentle non-bio products available in powder liquid and pod form, it’s tough to choose the best detergent based on one singular factor.

While many of us look for all-rounder products, it seems that Brits remain diverse in their choice of laundry products.

Best washing powder

Despite many myths about the ‘dangers’ of washing powder, sales continue on, with Brits buying into a number of brands including Daz, Ariel and Fairy.

Based on market reviews, Fairy has come out on top with their Fantastic Non-bio Washing Powder 130 Giga Pack XXL.

Specially produced for its tough stain removal, this provides outstanding cleaning results with each wash and can cater up to 200 washes in one pack – though some customers have marked this down for its missing scoop.

The other washing powders which have landed the top spots this year are:

  • Ariel – Improved Regular Washing Powder
  • Ariel – Professional Laundry Detergent Washing Powder
  • Daz – Expert Bio Washing Powder
  • Surf – Crisp Coconut Washing Powder
  • Bold – 2in1 Washing Powder, Lotus Flower & Lily
  • Bio D – Concentrated Non-Biological Washing Powder

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How to choose the right laundry detergent

If you’re looking for a new laundry powder or you’re making the switch to economical pods, choosing the right product can be made easier with this helpful guide.

Scented or non-bio?

Heavily scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners will provide you with a glorious fresh scent with most brands offering cotton, floral and sweet-scented aromas.

If you’re prone to allergies, have sensitive skin or are washing items for a baby, it’s best to opt for more gentle products which are non-bio.

Stain remover

Built-in stain removal is often part of the products which are branded ‘2-in-1’ or ‘3-in-1′.

This offers extra power against soiled clothing to target deep-rooted stains even after targeted stain removal.

Powder or liquid?

Washing power is ideal for white clothes and more delicate garments that need a thorough clean.

Washing powders often contain bleach so are less suitable for dark clothing.

Washing liquid or pods are ideal for dark clothes and heavier fabrics – plus, they’re more economical as they come ‘pre portioned’.

2020’s top detergents

Data published by Statista in August this year found that the following brands were the most commonly bought by Brits in 2020:

Vanish came out on top as the most popular brand with thousands of loyal customers for each type of Vanish product.

  • Vanish powder – 4,964
  • Vanish spray – 2,955
  • Vanish liquid – 2,341
  • Vanish gel – 1,229
  • Vanish bar/stick 1,933

Lenor had 1,867 loyal users in 2020 and Ariel had 1,291.

Dr Beckmann Products came in close with:

  • 1,062 people using the Colour and Dirt Collector
  • 1,175 using the Glowhite Product

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