Morgan Ortagus on 'Outnumbered': FBI statement on Texas synagogue attack was 'incredibly tone-deaf’

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Morgan Ortagus: FBI’s statement on Synagogue attack was ‘tone-deaf’

‘Outnumbered’ weighs in on the FBI being slammed for downplaying anti-Semitic attack in Texas.

Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus told “Outnumbered” on Monday that the FBI’s initial statement on the synagogue attack in Texas was “tone-deaf.” 

At a news conference after the hostages were released, FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno said that “the Texas synagogue hostage taker’s demands were specifically focused on issues not connected to the Jewish community.” A subsequent FBI release called it “a terrorism-related matter, in which the Jewish community was targeted.”

MORGAN ORTAGUS: The statements that first came out after we all learned about this hostage situation, and thank God that it was cleared up and the people on the ground did their job. But the statements are just incredibly tone-deaf especially at a time when we have rising antisemitism around of the world and in our own country as well. 

In fact, I think many people know that my family and I are Jewish and when we go to temple on Saturdays here in Nashville. There’s always these amazing cops standing at the front and I thank them. We’re relieved to have them. Plenty of churches around the country need to have protection as well sadly because of attacks and I think it’s just a devastating place where we are in our country where we have to have police at our centers of worship in order to protect us. But what’s more important is the administration not look for political correctness in these situations. 

There was a terrorist who came over and targeted a synagogue in order to achieve his political ends. That’s the definition of terrorism. And at a time as I said when it is rising around this country. I don’t even know what this administration was worried about, what they were trying to cover for but at this day and age with it rising in the country, we need to call terrorism exactly what it is and then deal with the situation.


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