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You are sent to attack the city of Merak, and you are sure to fail. The city is the one thing that truly matters to the city folk. Despite your best efforts, you see them kill each other in the streets and eat each other in the streets. All the while you are fighting, the town has been overtaken by an even more vile foe. And after the last fort that was taken by your army, you swear that they will become even more of a problem than they already are. The next day you find yourself standing in front of the door of the fort with a few other soldiers. Re no-where to be found, and yet the fort is deserted. And what, would we do to avenge the death of the people who were supposed to give us the details. We have to do this ourselves, before the rest start getting suspicious. After a few minutes of arguing, you and the other soldiers walk inside, ignoring a couple of the soldiers behind you who are looking around suspiciously. Upon entering, you see more empty walls and the occasional piece of rotting food left out. Someone is just leaving food out for all to see. But maybe not, if you took the time to look around and take a walk. T find anyone here, but maybe you will in some ways be better off. Someone left food out so that other might be tempted. S face goes from puzzled to irritated to angry in the span.

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