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PREVIOUSLY exclusive to Nintendo Switch and Steam, one of last year’s highest-rated games is now coming to modern consoles.

Monster Hunter Rise released in early 2021, and was a big hit with fans and critics alike.

It scored an impressive 88/100 on review aggregate site Metacritic making it one of the best-scoring Switch games of the year.

Monster Hunter is a classic open-world adventure RPG series, where you hunt down giant beasts to collect resources and craft items.

However, many fans didn’t get to experience the latest game in the series as it was console exclusive to the Switch.

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise will be ported to other platforms, and will be released January 20, 2023.

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It will be released for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, for the bargain price of £32.99 ($39.99).

There will also be a version coming to the Windows Store, so that Game Pass players will be able to enjoy it for free on either PC or Console Game Pass.

The update Sunbreak which almost doubled the content of the original game will also be available on the new platforms in spring next year.

Those who wish to play can pre-order the game now on all available platforms.

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The blurb reads as follows:

“Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment in the action RPG series and transports players to Kamura Village, a colorful and tranquil setting that attracts visitors with its unique culture and innovative hunting technologies. 

“The core gameplay experience in Monster Hunter Rise stays true to the previous highly-praised Monster Hunter entries. 

“Hunters must equip their armor and select from one of the 14 different weapon types to tackle daunting foes. 

“As players defeat monsters and progress through the game, items carved from fallen foes can be used to craft unique weapons and armor that increases their chances of survival. 

“Hunters can tackle these challenges solo, or with up to three other hunters in cooperative online play.”

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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