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The most common way of measuring BOT is to calculate an average trade balance of a given country over time. You will measure and predict the growth of trade between the two nations. You can measure and predict the current economy of the United Kingdom, and the increase or decrease in trade in the market. Re measuring the trade balance on the British Isles. As you sit in your office, trying to figure out the numbers, you realize the man is right, you are indeed talking about a trade balance. S not even a good one, but it works for now. As you analyze the situation, you feel a little helpless. The man is a bit too old for you, so that part is easy. Re likely to have to pay later to this man in the form of his services. D rather not deal with this man anymore. You leave the office and head to your office. D much rather deal with something that requires you to focus more time on tasks at hand. You go get some papers for the man to sign at his desk and then you return to your office. Re done with some of his requirements and not all of them. You know, your methods are a little too complicated.

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